Packing a punch well beyond its weight and size, Beoplay A1 has ambient True 360 sound – so the sound dispersion is great wherever you put it. And with a peak power of 2×140 W you won’t have to huddle round it to enjoy your music. Beoplay A1 is small enough to sit in the palm of your hand, it weighs only 600g, and because of its shape (with no protruding buttons or legs) it is easy to store in your bag or slip into a pocket. With up to 24 hours* of battery life, Beoplay A1 will still be playing long after most competitors have gone silent. Beoplay A1 has a built-in microphone for making calls, and because of the rimmed design around the base of the unit, the microphone gives uniform speech sensitivity 360º around the speaker.




Starting point for the products of Tonone is the passion for traditional mechanics. The first product line that resulted from this fascination is lamp series ‘Bolt’. Key element in this industrial series is the joint construction that can be adjusted with a wingnut-shaped tool. Besides being a functional tool, this wingnut is integrated in the design of the lamp itself as a distinctive visual element.

The Bolt collection is available in 18 different models and in 7 colors.



The herbariums from Studio Maarten Kolk and Guus Kusters originate from their own vegetable garden. “Firstly the vegetable garden was a study object, but increasingly we saw vegetables as a material. As such we wanted to treasure the garden we had worked in for a year, and represent it on a 1:1 scale. Furthermore we wanted to say something about it from a design point of view. By pressing and drying the plants and as such conserving them, you can – so to say – lengthen the growing process of the plant.

 The herbariums consist of many layers of fabric with plants on top. Pressed between a sheet of glass using wooden clamp a graphic image emerges, which leans against the wall. Together the herbarium pieces form a greyed and abstract translation of the vegetable garden.”